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Harold Kent Straughn calls himself “a country parson from Harvard by way of
Readers Digest.

He is the creator of a new approach to personal growth. He calls his theory, and the new book that introduces it, LifeSpirals. The first title in a projected series, LifeSpirals assimilates revolutionary discoveries in brain research, learning techniques, and the new field of “wisdom psychology.”

More than just a set of self-help ideas, LifeSpirals comes in three flavors— theory, practice, and real-time transformation. The author draws on a wealth of experience in all three areas of expertise—as a scholar who’s researched his theory at Harvard and Tübingen Universities; as a writer on practical topics in 30 years of book marketing with major publishers (where he worked with best-selling authors); and as an ordained pastor with gifts in helping people transform their lives....


Topics for LifeSpirals

Personal Growth Workshops

and Spiritual Retreats

Stage One:
Your Infant Wonder Years Keep You Fresh and Imaginative


Stage Two:
Childhood Games Help You Play Your Way Through Stress


Stage Three:
Pre-Adolescent Friendships Deepen Emotional Intimacy


Stage Four:
Adolescent Experiments Inspire Your Spirit of Adventure


Stage Five:
Early-Adult Decisions Influence Your Ability to Improvise


Stage Six:
Current Choices Create Your Twin-Peak Performance Years


Stage Seven:
Join the Pioneers Who Make Mountain-Range Breakthroughs



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